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Successful investments start with finding the right property.
Our agents are highly skilled at identifying the best listings
and getting your offer accepted.

  • Multi-family investment properties
  • Single family home sales and listing
  • Property search and analysis
  • Underwriting and offers
  • Due diligence and financial analysis
  • Exit strategies
Partners managing properties

We provide complete management services, making ownership passive and stress-free.

  • Full leasing services
  • Onsite property management and maintenance
  • Collection of rent and eviction services
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Long term hold portfolio management
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For our partners, we can propose and oversee
renovations as your general contractor to increase the
value of the property.

  • Focusing on value-added renovations to maximize rent
  • Finding & hiring the highest-quality contractors
  • Management of all construction work
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